International Delivery

Customs Duty at your charge for extra UE countries!

Modes of Delivery: The shipment is delivered only to the addressee or to his appointee, and if no one is present at the time of delivery, it must be picked up at the deposit indicated in the notice of stock. The costs of storage will vary depending on the destination country.

Info and Fees

Shipping Info and Fees

* Working days

Deliveries take place only Monday to Friday; Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed from the following Monday. Delivery times are to be considered from the same day if orders are made before 12am.
In case of payment by bank transfer delivery times are to be considered from receipt of payment.

What To Do at Delivery Time

Prior to accepting the goods: verify the integrity of the package in front of the courier.
If the package is damaged: if the package is ripped, or has creases or holes, file a claim with the shipping bill.
If the package is intact but the merchandise inside is damaged: report the damage within 3 days of receipt of the goods, then contact the customer service department at info@dilucastore.com and attach to the message clear photos of the damage.

Pay Attention!

If the goods can't be delivered owing to the unavailability of the recipient, when not notified in advance to Di Luca Milano, the costs of storage and those for a new delivery will be charged to the recipient.
Therefore we invite all customers to fill in the appropriate form "Additional Information" in the section Mode of Delivery of the order; here you can indicate:

• Name or number that appears on the door phone, in case it is different from the name of the client (e.g. client: Sarah Smith - door phone: Henry Smith).
• Delivery time preferences. Allows you to specify, within the daily delivery times, (9am to 6pm) when to make the delivery. It is a preference, not binding for the carrier; however, it is useful to exclude small intervals of time, such as any lunch breaks (e.g., 9am to 1pm. and 2pm. to 5.30 pm.). Under no circumstances allows you to limit the delivery time to the morning only.

Shipping to Germany and Austria

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Follow your Order

It is possible to know the exact location of your order at any time. Do you want to know if you will receive the delivery the same day? Do you think they just tried to deliver while you were out of the house?

Checking your order is simple: follow the link that is emailed to you confirming dispatch, or if you have placed your order through your account DiLucaStore.com, log on by clicking on "Login" and check your order history.

International Shipping Countries List

ZONE 1 Belgium, Netherlands.

ZONE 2 Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France (excluding Islands), Greece (excluding islands), Hungary, Monaco (Principality), Poland, Slovenia, Spain (excluding islands).

ZONE 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.

ZONE 4 Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.

ZONE 5 Canada, USA.

ZONE 6 Australia, Cyprus, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates.