Online Purchase

Di Luca Store offers its customers the guarantee of safe and secure online transactions, thanks to the method of payment by credit card (PayPal), or with alternative solutions for those who prefer traditional payment methods.

How Can I Order?

Web Order :
You can make an online order at any time; simply select the desired items, the method of payment (Credit Card, Cash or Bank Transfer) and confirm the order.
No registration is required.

Payment Methods

Credit Card (PayPal) :
PayPal, a global leader in web transactions, allows you to pay through its circuits with Visa credit cards, MasterCard, American Express, Post pay, and Aura. After confirming the order on Dilucastore.com the customer will be redirected to the PayPal site, where he/she will make the payment by entering their data or, if already registered, via their PayPal account.
Withdrawal or redemptions can also be carried out through the same PayPal circuit, with the same guarantees of reliability and safety.

Cash on Delivery :
With payment in cash it is possible to pay for items ordered at the time of delivery, in cash, with a contribution of € 5.90; the costs of shipping charges will be applied without variations.
Available only in Italy with GLS.

Bank Payment:
In the case of bank transfers you will not need to provide any personal financial information: during the purchase procedure you will be provided with our bank account details (see below) to make the payment; having verified the transaction (usually two to three working days), the order will be shipped to the customer in accordance with the selected mode.

The transfer will be
made payable to:
Dilfam srl

The bank account details will be given, in addition, in an e-mail containing the order confirmation and will be sent to the customer immediately after the purchase.

Secure Payment

Di Luca Milano assures its customers that make payments online all the safety of the PayPal circuit. Each transaction involves:
• Privacy of transactions and guarantees concerning their financial and personal information, which is handled anonymously and independently by PayPal
• Protection against computer fraud (falsification, reproduction or transfer of financial transactions), with 24/7 monitoring of all transactions, by means of automatic and manual controls (Fraud Office workers)
• Verification system of PayPal identity, to guarantee users an additional level of verification of the identity of the seller (Dilfam Ltd. is a PayPal verified user)
In each case, both regarding online transactions, and postal and banking transactions, Dilfam srl will never be aware of the client's financial data.

Returning Goods and Replacements

You can replace the products received prior notice to info@dilucastore.com within 10 days of receipt of goods.
In the case of returning goods, the customer will be refunded the full amount of the order excluding the shipping fee.
If instead you wish to replace a product, the customer will only be charged the additional shipping fees, in addition to any difference in price with the chosen item for replacement. If the item selected as replacement has a lower price than the article previously ordered, and if this difference is higher than the shipping charges to be incurred for the exchange, Di Luca Milano will pay the remaining amount to the customer by bank transfer or PayPal accreditation.
In the event of damaged goods on delivery (parcel intact but damaged goods inside), you must report the damage within 3 days of receipt of the goods, then contact the customer service department at info@dilucastore.com and attach to the report clear photos of the damage. Having fulfilled the previous points we will proceed to a replacement with the same product.